Interlude Project x3

The Classic Interlude server with dynamic rates runs on the new Classic 2.9 client, which has been redesigned for Interlude content

t rex from primeval isle mmoage
primeval isle t rex lineage 2

About project

Retains the principles and fundamentals of the original game, the spirit of combat, discovery, the Middle Ages and the world of Elmore-Aden! The original interlude is unrestricted!

Project features

The project has been in existence for more than two years. During this time we have had ups and downs, but thanks to you, our players, we have survived and are only moving forward, developing the project, working on our mistakes, listening to your opinions
New game client

Improved graphics, a new interface, a new mail system, riding maunts - these are just some of the new features you'll be able to enjoy

Quality assembly

Absolutely all working quests, Primeval Island, Frinteza, etc. Quality, working Geodata

Strong protection

The best protection against third-party software, a comfortable, unhurried game with no bots, clickers or other software!

No pay to win

You won't buy any in-game perks from us, only costumes and accessories. No donation affecting the game

Brief information

Customisable, free autoloot
Novice buffs up to and including level 61
Clan hall buffs 3 hours

Dynamic rates

Players joining after the server launch can catch up faster and make an impact on the game!

Want something new?

Try our new Interlude Revision server! A hardcore, no-donation Interlude-based server with the best mechanics and game solutions from different chronologies for a long and leisurely game

elf lineage 2

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