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I have been playing here for over a year, the server pleases, the admin keeps everything in one hand, so apparently there is no rmt and draws and favorites as it happens on other servers. All are on equal footing here


A cozy server. For me personally, it's a godsend. It's fun in the evening, after work, to get into the game and play my favourite game. Donation is minimal, online good. All you need for the hard worker))))


Decent. There is no donation, which is embarrassing, as I don't play much and it would be a pity if the server would go down in half a year or a year.


One of the best LA2 projects on the Runet at the moment. It contains everything that this game is so beloved for - Interlude chronicles are complemented by plushkas from later chronicles, such as Kamaloka, maunts, etc. Indeed, introduced donat not affecting the balance of the game. For the daily online and development introduced bonuses, significantly speeding up Kach, especially up to level 40. Profiles can be passed and game way and buying both for stakes, and for adena. A very worthy project for those who want to shake off the old days and once again feel part of the world of LA2. Bonuses for transitioning clans are very good. Individual approach is present.


Completely working classics of the genre, which was in those years 2004-2010, donat generally does not affect the gameplay, caps and premium little that changemaking. come to us dear, play).


Very nice to spend time on this server! nice server operation and installed updates

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