User Agreement

Main points

1.1 By registering on the MMOAGE server you automatically agree to these rules, ignorance or lack of understanding of the rules does not exempt you from liability for breaking them.

1.2 We reserve the right to make changes to the services we offer (the game world, all of our services, the rules of conduct) without prior notice.

1.3 The administration reserves the right to assess the actions of users and impose any sanctions on them in cases not covered by these rules, if it deems it necessary.

1.4 The administration of the server is not responsible for cases of damage caused by playing on this project and other cases that may lead to undesirable situations.

1.5. Administration has the right, but not the obligation, to return the game objects lost due to the loss of access to the account by the User, lost through the User's fault, as well as those lost through the User's own fault.

1.6. Server Administration has the right to change and/or partly or completely delete the data attached to the accounts (forum, Personal Area, game character).

1.7. Administration is not obliged to submit evidence confirming the validity of sanctions resulting from violations of these Project Rules.

1.8. Administration undertakes not to interfere into the game process except when there is a real risk of damage to Administration resources and other players and giving the player an advantage over other players (both game and informative).

1.9. Failure to comply with the Project Rules will result in full or partial blocking of accounts (at the discretion of the Project Administration).

1.10. Ignorance of the Project Rules does not exempt the User from liability for non-compliance. Users are obliged to acquaint themselves with changes and amendments to the Project rules.

Responsibilities of users in the game

2.0. The user undertakes not to use the services provided by the Administration for commercial purposes.

  • a) The user undertakes not to buy or sell in-game valuables or game accounts/characters for real money;

  • b) The user undertakes not to sell/exchange game accounts/characters for game currency or game valuables.
  • c) Exchange game values/accounts between different game worlds, both MMOAGE project worlds and other resources.

2.1 Users are not permitted to use the services of the project:

  • a) Use third party accounts (accounts that have not been registered by the User) without the consent of the account owner, if the registration data is transferred to a third party, the owner is responsible for all actions of the character;

  • b) assign rights and/or obligations under this Agreement, including the right (ability) to use User's account to a third party.
  • c) Steal game valuables from a character or cause damage to a player while accessing an account.
  • d) use inappropriate (obscene, provocative, offensive to the honour and dignity of other Users) words and expressions in public messaging systems (chat, forum), as well as any objects/items that can be used in the game;
  • e) Use third-party software, proprietary software designed to intercept, analyze, or otherwise gather information about the MMOAGE servers, both outside and in-game, as well as software that simulates user presence in the gameplay. These include Bots, clickers, game (macro) keyboards and mice, and other automation methods (except the Cyclic Macros we have implemented);
  • f) Being in the same group (party) with a character using third party software. If the offender is detected, the entire group is penalised.
  • g) Use means of in-game cheating, modification or hacking designed to gain access to the character/account/other items;
  • h) Intentionally causing critical errors in other players by any action or deception and profiting from player inattention (trading, trading, crafting and messaging, etc.);
  • i) Interfere with gameplay for other players, e.g. by mechanically restricting their access to locations, NPCs (e.g. blocking access to GCs via sammon, transformation, pets blocking a shop, etc.).
  • j) deliberately use texture and object similarities as well as nicknames of in-game characters to cheat other players and create derivative works, composite works based on the game and/or its components, without the permission of the Administration, such as making videos, creating graphics, etc;
  • k) Impersonate a representative of the Administration/GM(s) (Game Master) or act as if they are acting on behalf of the Administration/GM(s).
  • l) Create a nickname for a character that may contain - matting, veiled matting, inciting ethnic hatred, an insult on national signs and other. Create similar nicknames to mislead players (nicknames of CLOs or other players).It is forbidden to create a nickname / title with the prefix Admin, GM, Support, etc.
  • m) exploit bugs in the software and the game world, tamper with the software code, gain unauthorised access to the computer system, gain access to the database of game users or materials (the user has to notify the Administration without delay);
  • n) Benefit from bugs (server malfunctions, game errors), including geodata problems (the user is obliged to report them immediately to the Administration);
  • o) Take any action aimed at damaging the resources of the Administration, obtaining unauthorised access to the resources of the Administration.
  • p) Directly or indirectly promote other projects/servers, entice, call players to other projects/servers.

2.2. When a user contacts the helpdesk:

In the event of technical or legal problems, the user should contact the User Support Service.

  • When contacting support, the User must create a message in a special form posted within the ticket, with a detailed description of the problem encountered (what happened, the nickname of the character, date and time of the incident).

  • The user must make the request on behalf of the character on which the problem has directly occurred or on behalf of the main character.
  • When contacting the support centre, the User is obliged to provide the support centre specialist with complete and correct Registration Data, including personal identification. If the User provides incomplete Registration Data or Registration Data that raise doubts as to their accuracy and belonging to the person who contacted the Support Service, the Support Service Specialist has the right to request additional information and data from the User.
  • When contacting the support service, the User must provide detailed information regarding the errors/failures found (calculations/computations of correct work, screenshots/videos that will help in investigating and identifying the error, as well as links to reliable sources that will describe the correct work). If the user is unable to provide supporting information or provides incomplete information, the support team has reason to believe that the information provided is incorrect.
  • The Support Team responds to the User within 24 hours of receiving the User's request and providing full and correct Registration Data. The deadline may be extended, depending on the nature of the question and the User will be informed accordingly.
  • The user undertakes not to create false or deliberately untrue questions, messages of an obscene, provocative nature, or interfere with the work of the user support staff in the request they have created.
  • The user undertakes not to knowingly communicate false information to other users and/or the administration, either in the formulation of a support appeal or when cooperating with investigations or when acting as a witness or informant.
  • It is forbidden to publish logs of communication with the administration/support team without the approval of the administration or the support team (in-game, forum, social networks).
  • It is forbidden to use obscene, provocative, abusive or insulting language in relation to the Administration or the helpdesk (suppot service, game, forum etc.).
  • If no response is received from the user within 48 hours of an answer or a support representative's request, the request is considered resolved and no further action is required from the Administration and support team.

2.3. In-game gameplay rules:

  • Cheating when buying \selling items.
    For example: selling D gems instead of the Purity Stone, putting up crafting for 1k++ on resources with a claimed 100 adena, putting up items for 999kk in order to "take a place in the market". etc.

  • Market stall - the signage should match your character's selling items.
  • Scam, scam and PK in the Time Zone.
    For example: If you and other players are going to visit a time zone (Kama etc.), it is forbidden to kick out of the group, to leave the group by yourself or to kill (PK), in order to collect the drop or to get the whole experience.
  • Deliberately obstruct the passage of the Temporary Zone.
    For example: Do not use buffs/debuffs, do not heal, do not pour mana. When contacting the support service, the player must provide video material proving the player's guilt or innocence.

The administration has the right to choose a penalty based on the situation of the violation of these rules. Both mitigating and increasing the punishment!

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